Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorite Skin Care Products

Hey guys,I just want to share with you all some products that I absolutely love! I've been using these products for over a year now. These products have really worked well for my skin type (normal/dry).

The Olay Moisturizer is very light weight and it has spf 15 and it's perfect for my skin doesn't leave me feeling to oily through out the day. The Olay Deep Cleanser With Witch Hazel is great if you want a deep cleanser that will dissolve your makeup and not leave your skin dry. It has witch hazel ,which is a great astringent  for oily skin to remove dirt and impurities.It is also said to help relief pain from strains and bruises. The Clinique Acne Body Spray is an awesome spray that contains salicylic acid that has really helped to fade my acne scars on my back. You won't see results right away, it will take a few months, so you will have to use it consecutively after every shower to see results. The Clean and Clear Advantage Mark Treatment really works. Every time I get a few pimples under my nose or on my chin I just put this baby on it and I swear within 2 days the pimple will soon peel off. It amazingly works for me all the time.

These products I love and can't do without, so give it a try if you seem to have troubles finding a product that works. I will have a video on these products shortly so stay tuned guys!